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Here’s a fact you may already know about paid ads: The algorithms are constantly changing and paid ads can be a “beast” to profitably tame. You have to know what Facebook and Google is looking for (and what they’re NOT looking for).

Performance Monitoring Tool
We utilize a proven strategy for our client’s ads that essentially guarantees profitability.

Our platform makes lead generation easier

This lets us figure out what’ll work for your campaigns (within your specified KPIs and budget) so we can know exactly what won’t work– saving you thousands of $$’s and major headaches.

If you’re like most companies we talk with, one or more of the following situations plagues you…

1. You’ve hired people or “agencies” in the past that didn’t pan out. They talk a big game, they promise the world, but all you end up with are more headaches and less money.

2. You’ve tried to increase budgets on successful ads, but every time you do they tragically fall apart.

3. You’re doing well, but you need to reach more people, expand your reach, but you’re not sure how to take advantage of what’s possible with Facebook, Google, and other channels.

4. There are marketing problems in your offer, your funnel, your messaging or other components that negatively impact your ads, but you don’t know it yet.

This matters because I can help you get from where you are to where you really want to be.

Don't let your CPC skyrocket

You can't afford to waste ad spend

This is how we help…

* Customer Research: Your customers are reachable through Facebook. Finding them is hard for most– but it’s easy for us.
* Message Development: Once you find your customer, sending the message that resonates and compels them to take the next step in your sales process is where most people miss.
* Campaign Structure: It’s impossible to scale your campaigns and bring in massive revenue if you have a “Boost your post” approach. There’s a scientific way to build and manage your campaigns so you can maximize every dollar spent.
* Ad Management: The difference between success and failure with FB/Google ads is knowing how to respond to the data. This is what makes our ad management style successful. We make sense of the Facebook/Google data, knowing what to focus on and what to ignore. This is the difference between a winning or losing campaign.
* Scaling: For the inexperienced, once they reach a certain point in ad spend, they hit a wall. We’ve mastered how to blow past the wall and create campaigns that scale big time.

Our team will go through the entire process with you and we are going to find all of the issues that have been preventing you from getting to where you want to be with your digital ads.

Now this is the stuff that most other “agencies” don’t have a clue about because they don’t have the experience our pool of ad account managers have. Use the LeadMai platform today and get 3 times or more return on investment for your business.


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