What Our Customers Say About Us

Our mission is to get business owners unlimited quality leads based on their budgets and to help increase their sales. If your business is not utilizing Social Media channels like Facebook or Instagram then most likely your business will lose to your competition that is active on Social Media.

Your business needs to have an online presence in order to succeed. You should have ads re-targeting your potential customers because when they see your ad more than once, it increases the chances of people using your product or service. We strive to have awesome customer service, match you with the best managers, and make amazing ads for your business. Check out the testimonials below:

LeadMai is the best! I got burned by so called gurus and agencies in the past. LeadMai has very experienced managers working on my ads because my business is getting more sales than ever before.

Peter Scott

Fashion E-commerce Store

If you want more leads and sales for your e-commerce business along with excellent customer service then definitely use LeadMai.

Rita Jackson

Technology E-commerce Store

My shopify store was struggling to get sales from Facebook ads. LeadMai matched me with a manager who changed my targeting and ads. Now I am getting more sales. A+ Services!

Vicky Hubbard

Arts & Crafts E-commerce Store

Wow! I can't believe I reached my goal on Kickstarter because of using LeadMai. I don't have time to focus on social media or digital marketing. Thanks a lot to their awesome managers!

James Smith

Design Kickstarter Campaign

I am getting more leads and customers after signing up. LeadMai's Dashboard and Reports are cool and simple to understand. Great team and awesome service!

Diane Miller

Amazon Seller

The percentage of my marketing budget was too high with an agency and I didn't like that I paid so much upfront long term without seeing results. So I decided to give LeadMai a chance. I love paying one set price every month for managing my ads. I highly recommend trying this company!

David Morgan

Etsy Store